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07/22/14 AIFMD: Renewed Focus on Its Impact on Non-EU Managers of Private Funds
Although AIFMD took effect in key EU member states in 2013, in practice, its one-year grace period largely gave managers of alternative investment funds an opportunity to postpone compliance until 22 July 2014.
07/08/14 FCA Brings Greater Clarity and Rigour to UK’s “Soft Commission” Regime
Changes to the use of dealing commission rules, including a ban on “softing” of corporate access services, reflect the FCA’s continuing objective to ensure that investment managers control the costs that they pass on to their customers.
06/03/14 Morgan Lewis Hedge Fund University™ - Managing Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds: Advanced Topics in Derivatives
Jedd Wider, Rich Morris, Brian London, Sean Graber, and Tom D’Ambrosio, panelists
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07/01/14 Russia/Ukraine: Status of Sanctions as of 07/1/2014
In light of continued unrest in eastern Ukraine, U.S. and EU authorities are maintaining their sanctions programs against designated persons and entities in Russia and Crimea and have added certain names to their sanctions lists.
04/28/14 Russia/Ukraine: Additional U.S. and EU Sanctions as of 4/28/2014
On Monday, April 28, the United States added seven individuals and 17 companies to the list of SDNs as well as 13 companies to the Department of Commerce's Entity List. In addition, the European Union announced that an additional 15 individuals have been added to its list of sanctioned persons.
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