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03/06/14 FDA Updates Reprint Guidance, Reiterates Narrowness of Off-Label Safe-Harbor
FDA updates its recommendations for distribution of reprints, making requirements more specific and addressing additional types of materials typically distributed.
02/27/14 FTC Cracks Down on False Advertising in Dietary Supplements
Supplements making claims regarding diabetes, genetically customized nutritional benefits, and weight loss are slammed for false advertising.
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11/19/13 Pharmacists, Attorneys Question Whether Drug Compounding Bill Would Improve Safety, BNA's Daily Report for Executives
Although the drug industry generally supports the bill passed by the Senate Nov. 18, attorneys and some pharmacists question whether the bill really would improve the safety of compounded drugs.
09/06/11 Former FDA Regulatory Counsel Returns to Morgan Lewis
Morgan Lewis announces that Alexis Reisin Miller has returned to the firm as a partner in its FDA & Healthcare Practice, resident in Washington, D.C.
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