Morgan Lewis Title

President Clinton Postpones Lawsuits Against Foreign 'Traffickers' in Cuban Property, But State Department Excludes Traffickers from Entering the United States

July 01, 1996

This paper discusses implementation of Titles III and IV of the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (LIBERTAD) Act of 1996. Title III, the provision that creates a private right of action in U.S. courts against "traffickers" in expropriated Cuban property, will become effective on August 1, 1996. However, President Clinton has postponed the date on which claimants may file lawsuits until February 1, 1997. On June 17, the Department of State issued guidelines outlining implementation of Title IV, the provision that excludes from travel to the United States the corporate officers, principals and controlling shareholders of any entity trafficking in confiscated Cuban property, and their spouses, minor children or agents. Both provisions are intended to discourage international companies from doing business with Cuba.

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