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Morgan Lewis is providing analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 in a series of LawFlashes, white papers, and events. We invite you to connect with any member of our resource team for more information.

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Affordable Care Act Tasks: Shared Responsibility Reporting (02/05/2015)
Andy Anderson and Kimberly Boggs, presenters
Year-End Legislation Important for Employers (01/08/2015)
The 2015 Cromnibus and the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 solve some problems and raise others.
WMAC-APA September Chapter Meeting (09/04/2014)
Patrick Rehfield, Linda Way-Smith, and Allison Goodman, speakers
FDA Issues Updated Draft Guidance on Reporting Drug Samples (08/04/2014)
The guidance calls for 2014 reporting by April 1, 2015.
Modified COBRA Notices for the ACA Environment (07/22/2014)
Andy R. Anderson and Robert M. Hunter, presenters
DELVACCA 6th Annual In-House Counsel Conference (04/03/2014)
Lisa Barton and Jessica Bernanke, speakers
Final ACA Shared Responsibility Regulations Released (02/25/2014)
Plan sponsors now have the final piece of the puzzle needed to finalize their 2015 pay-or-play strategies.
Final Affordable Care Act Shared Responsibility Rules —The Last Piece for the 2015 Puzzle (02/19/2014)
Please see event details for CLE credit information.
Group Health Plans: Year-End Action Items and Upcoming Changes (12/19/2013)

Group health plan sponsors turn their attention to completing 2013 tasks, implementing upcoming 2014 changes, preparing for the ACA Shared Responsibility requirement in 2015, and documenting recent extensive plan changes.


$500 Carryover Opportunity for Cafeteria Plan Health FSAs: Worth the Effort? (11/13/2013)

Andy R. Anderson and Robert M. Hunter, presenters

WMAC-APA October Chapter Meeting (10/31/2013)
Morgan Lewis partner Mary Hevener, of counsel Claudia Hinsch, and associate Patrick Rehfield, speakers
Guidance on the Application of Certain ACA Market Reforms to Employer Health Plans (10/18/2013)

Plan sponsors should review their health reimbursement arrangements, employer payment plans, health flexible spending arrangements, and employee assistance programs to ensure they comply with ACA market reforms.


New York City Offers Greater Protections for Pregnant Workers (09/27/2013)

The city departs from federal law by requiring employers to accommodate pregnant employees even if not considered “disabled.”

The Impact of the ACA on the FLSA (09/26/2013)
Chris Ramsey and Lisa Barton, presenters
MEI Inc.’s State and Federal Exchanges (09/16/2013)
Andy Anderson, presenter
HHS Publishes Final Rule on Exchanges, SHOPs, and Eligibility Appeals (09/10/2013)

Final regulations required for October 1, 2013 open enrollment are largely unchanged from the proposed rule.

HRSA Publishes Orphan Drug Rule for 340B Program (07/24/2013)
Rule requires most manufacturers to change government pricing methodologies, calculations, and systems.
PCOR Trust Fund Fee Due Soon for Many Plans (07/24/2013)
Calendar-year plans should use updated IRS Form 720 and related instructions to file by July 31 deadline.
DOL Guidance on Notice of Exchange Options (07/12/2013)
New notice describing availability of Exchange coverage must be provided by October 1, 2013.
Affordable Care Act Shared Responsibility Penalty Delayed Until 2015 (07/03/2013)
Employers welcome a one-year delay in the Shared Responsibility excise tax.
Affordable Care Act Considerations for Retail Companies (06/27/2013)
Andy R. Anderson and Jessica Bernanke, speakers
CMS Proposes Rule for Exchanges and SHOPs Under the Affordable Care Act (06/18/2013)
New marketing integrity and oversight provisions warrant review and comment.
ALI CLE Program: Pension, Profit-Sharing, Welfare, and Other Compensation Plans (03/13/2013)
Andy Anderson and Daniel Hogans, presenters
Docs Fear For Reputations Under Final Sunshine Rule, Law360 (02/07/2013)
FDA & Healthcare partner Katie McDermott is quoted.


TEI Denver Chapter’s Compensation - Heath Care Reform Conference (10/24/2012)
Mary Hevener, Claudia Hinsch, and William Gorrod, presenters, "Affordable Health Care; Compensation and Benefit Audit Update, and the Mobile Work Force Update, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
NYU SCPS 71st Institute on Federal Taxation (10/21/2012)
Mary Hevener, co-chair and Andy Anderson, presenter
The Affordable Care Act and Health Care Fraud: The Beat Goes On (08/29/2012)
Anianne Callender, presenter
No Change in Course on ACA Federal Antifraud and Transparency Provisions (08/01/2012)
Healthcare companies should work to comply with current provisions and prepare for those that will be implemented in the near future.
The Healthcare Sector and the Future of ACA Implementation (07/16/2012)
Even with the lingering uncertainty over Medicaid program expansion, the High Court's decision brings some certainty and the need to focus on ramifications of ACA implementation.
Employer Group Health Plans and the Constitutionality of the ACA (06/28/2012)
Focus turns to completing 2012 and 2013 compliance tasks following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision.
Healthcare Reform Law Stands—With Modifications to State Medicaid Expansion (06/28/2012)
The U.S. Supreme Court held that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (P.L. 111-148 or ACA) is constitutional with modifications to the Medicaid expansion provisions.
Webinar – The U.S. Supreme Court Speaks: The Affordable Care Act Is Constitutional (06/28/2012)
Webinar from the Employee Benefits Practice; Andy Anderson and Allyson Ho, presenters
Internal Revenue Service Issues Guidance on New Research Fee (06/06/2012)
Proposed regulations provide detail on who must pay the new patient-centered outcomes research fee, the amount of the fee, and how the fee is to be calculated and reported.
Preparing for the U.S. Supreme Court’s Healthcare Decision (04/30/2012)
By taking a number of interim steps, employer group health plans can position themselves to respond quickly and appropriately—whether healthcare reform is upheld, partially upheld, or struck down.
Georgetown Law CLE's 29th Annual Representing & Managing Tax-Exempt Organizations (04/18/2012)
Celia Roady, Matthew Elkin, Paul McMoy, and Gregory Needles, speakers
The Proposed Rule on Transparency Reports: Shedding Light on the Sunshine Act, Journal of Health Care Compliance (03/28/2012)
An overview of the most important aspects of the proposed regulations.
Updated Guidance on Form W-2 Reporting of Healthcare Coverage (01/12/2012)
Expanded guidance clarifies the types of plans and amounts that must be reported and requires employers to take additional steps to meet their Form W-2 reporting obligations.
CMS Issues Transparency Reporting Proposed Rule (12/21/2011)
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' proposed rule, which will implement Section 6002 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, clarifies several definitions, provides further information on reporting requirements, and offers guidance on submitting required information.
Group Health Plans: Year-End Action Items, Upcoming Changes (12/21/2011)
As 2011 closes, plan sponsors of group health plans turn their attention to continued viability of grandfathered plan status, identifying insured plans that may be discriminatory, compliance with new claims and appeals rules, and W-2 reporting of the value of health coverage in 2012.
Default or Deliverance? Healthcare Industry Could Lose as Congress Averts Debt Crisis (06/27/2011)
Healthcare industry clients should be prepared for possible cuts to the Medicaid program, Medicare provider and supplier reimbursement rates, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D, and for increased fees for manufacturers.
Healthcare Compliance Certification Program, Seton Hall Law School (06/16/2011)
Katie McDermott, presenter, "Being the Focus of a Government Investigation" and "Government, Industry and Health Profession Compliance Guidance: Welcome to the Era of Ethics and Transparency"
Georgetown Law CLE's 28th Annual Representing & Managing Tax-Exempt Organizations (04/28/2011)
Ann K. Batlle, Althea R. Day, and Gregory L. Needles, presenters. Celia Roady, Program Chair
New Battlefronts in the Fight Over Healthcare Reform (03/11/2011)
In "2011: Healthcare Policy in the New Congress," we predicted that full-scale repeal and replacement of the 2010 healthcare reform was unlikely and described a number of strategies that Republicans might pursue in an effort to undermine the new law. As opponents implement these strategies, the healthcare reform debate has grown increasingly complex and spread to multiple fronts.
Healthcare Reform Update: Relating to Employee Benefits Issues (07/21/2010)
Please see event details for CLE credit information.
ALI-ABA Federal False Claims Act (07/20/2010)
Kathleen McDermott, panelist
Healthcare Reform and Collective Bargaining (07/14/2010)
Please see event details for CLE credit information.
Healthcare Reform Roundtable (06/29/2010)
Please see event details for CLE credit information.
Healthcare Reform: What Employers Need to Know Now (06/16/2010)
Please see event details for CLE credit information.
Study Points to Health Law's Penalties, The New York Times (05/23/2010)
Morgan Lewis partner Andy Anderson is quoted in this New York Times article about the effects of the healthcare reform law.
Healthcare Reform Summit for Large Employers (05/18/2010)
Please see event details for CLE credit information.