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Traditionally a month of beginnings and endings, September is when we transition from the idle warmth of long summer days to the heightened activity of a chilled and busy autumn. For Health Law Scan, September was notable for our analysis of the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit’s decision in United States v. Aseracare, which found that mere differences of clinical opinion cannot be fraud under the False Claims Act.

We followed that with our two-part coverage on enhancing cyberliability insurance policies to align with California’s Consumer Privacy Act. We recapped important changes to the Medicare physician fee schedule proposed rule as discussed in a recent Fast Break webinar and unpacked the proposed revisions to the Open Payments program in a separate post. In between, we highlighted new state and local grants addressing the prevention and treatment of opioid addiction and introduced our new Second Cup of Coffee breakfast series on legal developments in digital health and healthcare innovation. Transitions can be hard, so if we missed seeing you in September, the month’s content is here for you to read with that first pumpkin latte of the season!  

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