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For UK companies choosing between hiring employees or using independent contractors, there are important legal risks that must be taken into consideration. In addition, agile and remote workforces are a hot topic as companies around the world are considering new ways of working following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in the post-Brexit United Kingdom, the idea that people can work in any place at any time presents tax, data protection, and employment law challenges.

On this topic, Morgan Lewis partners Lee Harding and Neil McKnight and associate Jennifer Connolly are presenting an upcoming webinar to discuss the various tax, employment, and immigration considerations companies should consider when engaging independent contractors in the United Kingdom. The one-hour webinar, Risk and Reward: International Tax, Employment and Immigration Considerations in Engaging Contractors, will take place on Thursday, July 8, at 9:00 am ET/2:00 pm BST.

Lee, Neil, and Jennifer will address the following topics:

  • High-level pros and cons of using contractors rather than employees
  • Reclassification risk from both an employment and a tax perspective
  • Brexit and bringing talent to the United Kingdom
  • The use of agile working as an alternative to bringing people physically to the United Kingdom
  • The challenges of protecting confidential information and intellectual property and enforcing restrictive covenants when using contractors or an agile workforce

We hope you’ll register for the webinar to stay up to date on this important and evolving area.