12th Advanced Forum on FCPA & Anti-Corruption for the Life Sciences Industry

June 18, 2018

Labor and Employment partner Dora Wang will speak at the 12th Advanced Forum on FCPA & Anti-Corruption for the Life Sciences Industry on a panel titled ‘The EU’s GDPR vis-à-vis China’s Cybersecurity Law: Strengthening Data Governance in the Big Data Era.’

This expert panel will juxtapose data privacy and cyber security in the EU and China – highlighting the specific impact on life sciences companies and the latest strategies for mitigating corruption risks. Topics examined will include:

  • How companies can respond to the proliferation of data privacy regimes and strengthen their cybersecurity efforts – Takeaways from compliance under China’s Cybersecurity Law
  • Navigating data localization and cross-border data transfer requirements: How to cooperate with foreign government investigations or conduct internal investigations without violating data privacy laws
  • Internal investigations pitfalls and strategies:
    • How to equip your company with the infrastructure to conduct an internal investigation involving data stored in China and the EU
    • How exporting data out of China may trigger liabilities under civil and criminal laws concerning data privacy and state secrets
    • How an employee’s common business travel through the US, China and the EU could turn into a tricky multijurisdictional data privacy issue
  • How to manage data from clinical trials containing highly protected important and personal data under China’s data privacy laws