BNA Insight (Health Law) Webinar Series: Medicare Compliance Enforcement after Healthcare Reform

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
01:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Please join us for a 90-minute webinar, "Medicare Compliance Enforcement after Healthcare Reform," presented by Kathleen McDermott.

Government regulators and enforcers are implementing new initiatives, mandates and policies in the wake of historic legislation that provides new anti-fraud tools for a changing health care industry. In touting historic recoveries in the billions under the False Claims Act provisions, the government continues to focus on regulatory violations such as fraud, billing irregularities, quality of care and program integrity compliance.  This webinar will focus on recent enforcement developments in Medicare Fraud and Abuse, including:

  • DOJ enforcement and new whistleblower theories of recovery under the False Claims Act.

  • Practical implementation of payment refunds to avoid False Claims Act 60-day liability rule.

  • Medicare regulations that are high risk for fraud exposure, including physician supervision requirements.

  • OIG initiatives to permissively exclude individuals from federal health care programs.

  • Quality of Care deficiencies as fraud.

  • Industry, Hospital and Doctors-How collaborations, interactions and arrangements are changing to avoid fraud liability.

  • US Sentencing Guidelines Update.

This program will be of broad interest to many health care sectors as well as business executives, compliance professionals, in-house counsel, and risk and quality assurance managers.

February 23rd
1:00 pm