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PolyTechnos Life Science Entrepreneurial Day

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
08:00 AM - 04:00 PM ET

Morgan Lewis is a proud sponsor of the PolyTechnos Life Science Entrepreneurial Day.

This event is designed to provide insight into some of the major changes affecting investment in the healthcare sector, along with an opportunity to network with key players. The healthcare sector is going through deep changes that pose significant challenges to entrepreneurs, investors, and capital markets, as well as exit markets. These changes include regulatory risks, time and resource requirements for market entry, life cycle management of launched products, and, of course, valuations. In addition, the geographical focus is drifting away from the traditionally dominant United States and European markets toward markets in emerging countries.

Several contributors from the PolyTechnos network will address trends and opportunities including:

  • The shift from the "home run/attrition" model to a focus on the reproducibility of success in the private investment sector
  • The migration of private startup companies toward geographies that enable early market entry and aggressive growth
  • New positioning opportunities in areas that have been vacated by previous occupants, such as early drug development
October 25, 2011
8:30–9:00 am | Registration
9–4 pm | Program

Luncheon Keynote Address: "India - Transition from New Health Care Frontier to Dominating Health Care Market"

Morgan Lewis
101 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10178

As part of the PolyTechnos Life Science Entrepreneurial Day, CEOs at Hemacon, Noblegen, and ImmunoGenes will provide an understanding of how the PolyTechnos team adds value and creates competitive investment opportunities. PolyTechnos has significant experience creating successful exits in the life science sector. 

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