Conferences and Speeches

ABA-JCEB ERISA Basics National Institute

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 {ml-event-to} Friday, October 30, 2015

Employee Benefits partners Andy Anderson and Julie Stapel will present at the ERISA Basics National Institute, sponsored by the American Bar Association’s Joint Committee On Employee Benefits.

Fiduciary Standards – Part I
11:40 am–12:40 pm | October 28, 2015
Presenter: Julie Stapel

This session will address ERISA’s complex definition of fiduciary and set forth basic fiduciary duties, including duties of loyalty and prudence. It will also discuss the responsibilities entailed in investing plan assets, and the difference between a plan sponsor and plan fiduciary.

Fiduciary Standards – Part II
2:00–3:00 pm | October 28, 2015
Presenter: Julie Stapel

Continuing from session one, this session will discuss prohibited transactions, a technical ERISA concept, remedies for fiduciary breaches and pointers for compliance with the statute’s mandates. This session will also provide an overview of employer stock litigation and fee cases, which involve a myriad of class action and fiduciary issues surrounding employer stock and 401(k) investment, administrative and recordkeeping fees as well as mutual fund fees.

Federal Regulation of Health Plans, Part I
10:40–11:30 am | October 29, 2015
Presenter: Andy Anderson

This session will address federal employee welfare benefit plan regulation, including the Affordable Care Act, COBRA, ADA, GINA and other statutes and regulations. This session will also focus on the reporting and disclosure requirements that generally apply to ERISA governed health plans, including ACA reporting issues.

Federal Regulation of Health Plans, Part II
11:30 am–12:20 pm | October 29, 2015
Presenter: Andy Anderson

Continuing from the session, this session will outline the complicated rules with which employers must comply with to maintain the federally regulated health plans.