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10th Annual Women in Shared Services and Outsourcing: An Executive Roundtable

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 {ml-event-to} Thursday, May 5, 2016

Morgan Lewis hosted the 10th Annual Women in Shared Services and Outsourcing (WISSO) Roundtable on Wednesday, May 4, and Thursday, May 5, at the magical Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, New York. Outsourcing partner Barbara Melby, alongside KPMG Managing Director in Shared Services and Outsourcing Victoria Phelan, have hosted the conference together for the last 10 years. Among the panelists include Morgan Lewis of counsel Emily Lowe, who led the session “Challenges in the Workplace for the Next 10 Years.”

The details about each presentation and panel discussion during the event can be found below.


"Get Big Things Done"

Unleash Your Connectional Intelligence
In today’s competitive world, you can’t just rely on smarts, passion, and luck. Our keynote speaker Erica Dhawan, a business strategist and innovation expert, taught us a thoroughly modern skill called "connectional intelligence." We learned how to combine knowledge, ambition, and human capital to leverage our networks and connections to create positive results.


The Generation Gap—What We Can Learn from Each Other
We learned from our assembled panel, representing four generations, how each person’s generation membership shapes the way she works, thinks, and lives. We explored how today’s cross-generational current and upcoming workforce can tap into one another’s strengths.

Overseeing and Managing the Next Generation of Outsourcing Solutions
Technology is changing the way vendors are offering outsourcing models, from cloud hosting and storage solutions to multitenant platform offerings. The panel discussed how companies are managing these solutions and how vendor management programs are being adjusted to account for the next generation of solutions and vendors.

Talking a Different Language—Challenges in the Workplace for the Next 10 Years
As we celebrate the 10-year history of WISSO, we looked forward in anticipation to what the next 10 years in the workplace will bring. What will be the skill sets required to stay relevant? What adjustments are required for a virtual workforce environment? How can we adapt to different attitudes regarding “portfolio careers” (in which one is loyal to her profession, not to her employer)?

We tap into the experience from members of the WISSO board and other senior executives to hear predictions about what the future might hold.

The Rise of the Virtual Employee
The coming wave of automation—including robotic process automation, machine intelligence, and advanced analytics—is one of the most important (and potentially disruptive) changes facing businesses today. These technologies will drive significant change to business models and introduce a new generation of players in healthcare, financial, legal, and business services. Cliff Justice, KPMG principal of innovation and enterprise solutions, discussed how robotic and cognitive technologies are reshaping enterprise services and the knowledge worker of the 21st century.

Meet Your Neighbor—The Power of Networking
A strong personal network has been proven to deepen one’s business connections—both now and in the long term. Our audience includes many of the leading women in the shared services and outsourcing field at today’s leading companies. We spent time getting to know and understand one another better through a fun and engaging networking session.

In total, there were more than 50 women in attendance, including Morgan Lewis associates Valerie Gross, Susan Milyavsky, Katherine O’Keefe, and Jessica Pelliciotta. The ladies especially enjoyed the networking session, and agree that the event was excellent overall, some stating that it was the best one yet. Morgan Lewis looks forward to hosting next year’s 11th Annual Women in Shared Services and Outsourcing Roundtable, featuring new and exciting topics.