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Privacy and Security in A Digital World: Latest Trends in Cybersecurity in Japan and the US

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Whether it is the role of government in compelling tech companies to unlock technology or provide access to data, the controversy swirling around Secretary Clinton’s emails or the frustration at having one’s email account hacked, finding the right balance between privacy, security and convenience has become increasingly difficult in our digital world.

Silicon Valley companies lay both at the heart of the controversy and will also be key to a solution that will certainly require the Bay Area’s unparalleled technological prowess and entrepreneurship.

Please come engage with high level experts from Japan and the US in cybersecurity and privacy protection as they discuss the latest trends in Japan and the US. William Saito, an American entrepreneur with long experience in Japan, currently is a senior policy adviser to Prime Minister Abe and working closely with the Abe Administration on a number of initiatives to spur innovation, including in cybersecurity. Morgan Lewis partner Mark Krotoski is one of the America’s most foremost legal expert on cybersecurity and privacy protection and brings a wealth of experience from his decades working in the government at both the state and federal level and in private practice.