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INTA 2016 Digital World Conference – Brussels

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December 1–2, 2016

Intellectual property partner Ron Dreben spoke at the International Trademark Association (INTA)’s Digital World Conference: Navigating the Digital Yellow Brick Road, in Brussels.

Ron updated a largely European audience about “Data Protection, Data Privacy, and Duty of Care” from the US perspective, addressing topics including: how data may be collected and used and the rules that cover its collection, use, and destruction; privacy and the duty of care owed by data collectors and processors; how businesses can try to make consumers more comfortable with disclosing data; and the extent to which data protection rights may be overridden, for example, by state organizations for security reasons.

The event was well attended by European government officials, in-house counsel and marketing directors, as well as senior counsel and others from a number of international, US-based media, and consumer goods companies.