Conferences and Speeches

MCCA General Counsel Summit

Friday, April 21, 2017

Robin Nunn speaks on, “incentive Compensation and Cross-selling Under Fire; Strategies for Compliance and Risk Management in Sales Practices.”

In the wake of the $190 million-dollar enforcement action against Wells Fargo and other recent government enforcement actions, incentive compensation, product cross-selling, and sales practices are facing unprecedented scrutiny. Politicians, consumer advocates, and private litigants are focused on the propriety of practices, including proper alignment of incentives with consumer protection objectives. In addition, a growing list of government regulators are evaluating practices, issuing guidance, and commencing expansive reviews and other regulatory inquiries.

This session focuses on risk management as it relates to incentive compensation and sales practices, addressing factors institutions may wish to consider to proactively assess their own models and structures, themes and trends in regulatory examinations and investigations, tips on conducting risk assessments, compliance management and governance best practices.