Conferences and Speeches

National HR in Hospitality Conference and Expo

Monday, March 5, 2018 {ml-event-to} Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Labor and employment partner Philip A. Miscimarra will speak at the National HR in Hospitality Conference and Expo in Las Vegas on two panels titled “NLRB Update” and “Plenary | The Trump Administration One Year In: Consequences for Labor and Management.”

NLRB Update - Monday, March 5th 
By March 2018, the NLRB will have two new Republican members and likely a new General Counsel. The term of NLRB Chair Philip Miscimarra, however, expires in December 2017, leaving a 2-2 party split on the Board. How long will it take President Trump and Congress to have a new member sworn in? Who will be chair? What will the Board do? Seasoned traditional labor lawyers will discuss what the Obama Board implemented, what the effects were, what cases are on the table, the role of the General Counsel and the role of rule-making in Board procedures. The panel will specifically dive into election rules, card-check, “micro units,” social media, privacy, class-action waivers and several other Board issues that could change. This session is not just for unionized employers!

Plenary | The Trump Administration One Year In: Consequences for Labor and Management – Wednesday, March 7th 
President Trump ran as a populist who appealed to the “working people.” However, he is also a Republican with a pro-business Congress and he appointed a pro-business Supreme Court Justice. One year in, what is the Trump Administration’s labor policy? Is it a typical Republican Administration? Hear about who has been appointed to the administrative agencies, what positions these agencies have taken on labor and employment issues, and what the Department of Justice has done on the labor and employment front.