Morgan Lewis Seminars

Navigating Workplace Harassment Issues in the #MeToo Era – Texas Medical Center

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Media reports of workplace sexual harassment and sexual assault by high-profile individuals and high-level executives have captured the public’s attention. The #MeToo movement, focused on sexual harassment and discrimination, has led to more and more women sharing their experiences and has encouraged employees to speak out. As more sexual harassment claims come to light—with sometimes very public consequences—many employers are seeking to take a more proactive approach to reviewing harassment policies, response plans and practices, and workplace culture.

Certain facets of the healthcare industry—including the presence of high-value employees, significant power disparities among supervisors and staff, decentralized workspaces, and patients who may be particularly vulnerable—may create heightened risks for healthcare employers. In the current climate, healthcare organizations would be prudent to assess risk factors and implement measures and policies to minimize risks related to workplace harassment and misconduct.

Is your organization fully prepared to respond to a workplace harassment crisis? What steps can leaders take to ensure safe and inclusive workplaces? Join us for a discussion of the current environment, suggestions to get ahead of potential issues, and best practices for responding to claims of harassment.