Conferences and Speeches

ACI’s 11th China Forum on Anti-Corruption

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 {ml-event-to} Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Labor and employment partner Lesli Ligorner will participate at American Conference Institute’s China Forum On Anti-Corruption at the workshop for "Gift & Entertainment Benchmarking: How to Support Your Business Development, Sales,and Marketing Power Post Anti-Unfair Competition Law."

This will be an interactive and practical working session which will go beyond high-level understanding of the FCPA, UK Bribery Act, and China Commercial Bribery regulations to identify concrete and innovative tools and tactics for avoiding the new emerging loopholes presented by gift, hospitality, and entertainment in China.

Topics include: 

  • The important nuances in gift giving, entertainment, and sponsorship that can lead to enforcement risks
  • What is the fine line between business manner and bribery, what are the hidden risks
  • How to control risks when inviting government officials to travel to visit a company facility or participate in an event
  • Crafting permissible guidelines for the use and compensation of consultants and advisory
  • When government is the third party or JV situations, how to mitigate the risks
  • How to keep sponsorship expenses more transparent
  • Some practical tips on how to prevent and respond to requests for bribes