Conferences and Speeches

ACI’s 11th West Coast Conference on FCPA Enforcement & Compliance

Monday, September 24, 2018 {ml-event-to} Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Partner Todd Liao will speak at American Conference Institute’s 11th West Coast Conference on FCPA enforcement & compliance at the preconference workshop for “Fine-Tuning Your Third Party Due Diligence in Asia: A Deep Dive into the Most Unique, High Stakes Considerations for Vetting Third Party Vendors, M&A Targets and JV Partners”.

This practical deep dive has been tailored to address the complex challenges of conducting due diligence across three of the most common scenarios: Third parties, JV and M&A. Each area will be examined in the unique context of China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.

Topics include:

  • A practical whirlwind tour of the ABAC laws in key jurisdictions: What can get your company into trouble
  • How to implement a risk-based approach to vetting new third parties
  • How to devise a coherent transaction road map to hit the ground running
  • How to solve the most common third party due diligence risks and pitfalls
  • Tools to successfully uncover potential relationships with government officials during your due diligence process
  • Determining if, how and what third party due diligence should be outsourced based on risks
  • What to do if your due diligence reveals that a proposed third party vendor, prospective joint-venture partner or M&A target does not share your anti-corruption commitment
  • How to conduct due diligence on uncooperative third parties
  • What type of due diligence findings will enforcement agencies expect you to have in your files?
  •  Real-life examples of due diligence for internal investigations: How to navigate complicated local labor laws and how such legislation can hamper conducting certain types of interviews