Conferences and Speeches

Global Innovation Institute Conference (GI2)

Thursday, September 20, 2018 {ml-event-to} Friday, September 21, 2018

Morgan Lewis is sponsoring the Global Innovation Institute Conference at the partner level alongside HSBC. This conference is co-hosted with the Association for Financial Markets in Europe. The event’s theme, Transforming Capital Markets through Technology, alludes to the purpose and focus of this important gathering. The inaugural gathering will bring together over 500 senior executives and their teams who are driving strategic innovation in technology and operations from Europe’s leading financial institutions.

Key themes to be covered include:

  • Cyber Risk – Building institutional resiliency by ensuring redundancy and recovery procedures are in place. Identifying the emerging risks and appropriate measures to prepare for them.
  • Emerging Technologies – Keeping pace with fintech developments and adoption of technology (blockchain, AI and predictive analytics, cloud computing, electronic trading, clearance and settlements).
  • Regulation – Ensuring regulatory compliance with emerging frameworks on data protection, cybersecurity, MiFID II. Fostering dialogue between market participants and policy makers.
  • Workforce 2.0 – Hiring digital talent and integration with the current workforce. Ensuring your team is up for the new challenges of the digital era.
  • Operational Processes – Modernisation of existing infrastructure and building new alliances that result in greater efficiency. Saving time, money and other valuable resources to remain competitive and profitable.