Conferences and Speeches

The 24th Annual ABS East Conference

Sunday, September 23, 2018 {ml-event-to} Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Morgan Lewis was a lead sponsor of IMN’s 24th annual ABS East conference. The ABS East Conference, one of the most attended structured finance industry conferences of the year, hosted a delegation of more 4,000 structured finance professionals from banks, (including more than 2,000 issuers and investors in the ABS market) law firms, rating agencies, and other key players in the structured finance market. Sessions touched upon topics ranging from residential mortgage-backed securitizations, marketplace lending, and student loans, to general discussions on the securitization market.

Understanding the various Residential Mortgage Finance Models | Asa Herald, speaker

Sector Snapshot: CLOs | Eddie Seferi, speaker

Student Loans: Hot Button Issues in FFELP, Refi’s and Private Lending | Steve Levitan, speaker