Conferences and Speeches

2019 DLaw: Disruptive Innovations in Legal Services Summit

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 {ml-event-to} Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Morgan Lewis eData partner Scott Milner and eData Senior Attorney Vincent Catanzaro, will present at the 2019 DLaw: Disruptive Innovations in Legal Services Summit, a two-day program aimed to provide a meaningful exploration of digital technology for the legal services professionals from specific emerging tools to new business models to creative client acquisition and retention strategies for a more efficient and profitable future.

Scott’s panel, “Disruption: How and When Will the Legal Industry Transform?” will take a look at why, how, and when we will see real change in legal services. This panel will meet on October 22 from 8:45–9:15 am.

Topics will include:

  • Examining the road blocks the legal industry puts up to hinder change
  • Understanding how the metamorphosis in law is being forged by the interplay of technology; process & project management; digitization; consumer/client activism; a new buy/sell dynamic; machine learning; metrics; demand for better efficiencies; corporate delivery models with different performance/reward standards; capital and re-regulation
  • Identifying who will shape the delivery of legal services
  • Discussing when we will see more than drips of change and actual disruption to the legal field (both in-house and law firms)

Scott and Vincent will both lead the panel entitled “Managing the Impact of Social, Mobile and Collaborative Apps on eDiscovery.” This session will take a look at how you can understand what was said in a chat, the meaning behind emojis and content that was shared on a white board in a conference room all has to be examined. We will also cover common best practices and lessons learned to adapt eDiscovery processes and workflows to address today’s digital reality. This panel will meet on October 22 from 11:30–11:55 am.