Intro to Health Care and Life Sciences for Antitrust Practitioners - Session 2

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Are you new to health care? Just staffed on your first life sciences matter? Interested in expanding your antitrust practice into a new industry? Join the Health Care and Pharmaceuticals Committee for the second of a two-part introduction to antitrust in health care and life sciences.

Antitrust associate Zak Johns will be speaking on session 2 of the ABA panel entitled “Intro to Health Care and Life Sciences for Antitrust Practitioners.”

This session will walk you through the lifecycle and regulatory framework of pharmaceuticals, industry economics, and antitrust issues in pharmaceutical conduct and merger challenges.

Session 2: Pharmaceuticals Topics include:

  • Pharmaceutical lifecycle and regulatory framework
  • Legal and economic issues in the pharmaceutical conduct and merger cases
  • Recent legislation and new frontiers