Conferences and Speeches

The Knowledge Series 2020 – New York

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

eData partner Tess Blair will speak at the Knowledge Series 2020 – New York, a destination that never disappoints and always offers a spirited dialogue. This edition will continue our connection with global thought leaders to drive the discussion on Transformation in the Legal Industry.

Our extraordinary panel of experts will share their unique insights, experiences and predictions as they discuss:

  • Legaltech, Fintech, Regtech – what do they mean and what is their future?
  • Engaging technology to revolutionise transactional work and contract review – where are the lawyers?
  • Harvesting and leveraging data – is this game changing for clients’ strategies to manage disputes and investigations?
  • AI and predictive coding – a seismic shift for the legal industry or just another round of technology?
  • What is the state of play with third party funding in this market – more or less capacity?
  • What are the necessary skills for the next generation of lawyers? Finance, programming, entrepreneurship?

Join us for another engaging conversation when we will consider these leaders’ perspectives and anecdotes on the future of technology in dispute resolution, compliance and risk management for this market giant.