Conferences and Speeches

ISACA Conference North America 2021

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

According to the FBI, the number of complaints about cyberattacks to their cybersecurity unit increased 400% since the Coronavirus pandemic started in March of 2020. Unfortunately, the consequences of a data breach go beyond the business interruption and technical aspects to include legal obligations with customers, vendors, and regulatory agencies. There are also risks associated with ensuring compliance while avoiding public disclosure of important information and potential litigation.

“Data Breach Response from the Legal Perspective” discusses the importance of working with both in-house and outside legal teams as part of the incident response plan, understanding the legal obligations that a breach can create as well as the consequences of not engaging legal counsel at the outset of the incident. The program covers the importance of having a cyber insurance policy and what that coverage means, how and when to make a claim, how to protect forensic and other reports under the attorney-client privilege and how to conduct the investigation and response to an incident while keeping the company’s legal obligations in mind.