Conferences and Speeches

2021 FCBA Bench & Bar® Virtual Conference

Monday, June 21, 2021 {ml-event-to} Friday, June 25, 2021

Intellectual property partner Julie Goldemberg will present on a panel at the 2021 Federal Circuit Bar Association Bench & Bar® Virtual Conference, the week-long program exploring important issues confronting the Federal Circuit community. Morgan Lewis is a proud sponsor of the FCBA Leaders Circle.

Julie’s panel, ”Remedies,” taking place on June 23 from 11 am–12 pm, will discuss remedies, including damages and injunctive relief, in various subject areas of the court’s jurisdiction. In the area of patent litigation, the panel will review recent large damages awards and discuss potential drivers behind those awards. The panel will assess the recent trends in the assessment of comparable licenses and apportionment.

The panel will also address recent trends in damages in the area of government contracts. On the injunction front, the panel will assess whether in the recent years the courts have made it easier or harder to obtain an injunction and whether the Federal Circuit has upheld, or tailored injunctions issued by the district court. The panel will discuss whether certain technologies, such as tools used to combat COVID-19, and others whose applications are in the public interest should be exempted from injunctions, and how to strike the right balance between innovation and competition.