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Wrapping Our Minds Around Artificial Intelligence Hardware

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

11:00 am ET
4:00 pm GMT
5:00 pm CET

Insights into the AI hardware patent landscape, with Morgan Lewis

From autonomous vehicles, to healthcare management, to smart assistants in our phones, artificial intelligence (AI) is intriguing and diverse—and changing the world. New hardware accelerators are being announced every month and the competitive landscape is heating up. As a result of the fast pace of adoption, understanding the AI hardware space is essential for high-tech companies looking to enter this space or to stay ahead by protecting their patents.

In this webinar, Clarivate patent analysts Arun Hill and Aditi Varshney will be joined by Morgan Lewis patent attorney and AI hardware authority Kannan Narayanan. Together, they will unpack their recent AI hardware patent landscape analysis. The panelists will discuss critical questions about current AI hardware trends and technology improvements, the art and strategy of patent landscape analysis, and how any company can incorporate patent landscape analysis into its innovation strategy.

In this session we will cover:

  • Major AI hardware landscape analysis findings and methodology using Derwent Innovation’s advanced analytics capabilities
  • Strategies for incorporating patent landscape findings into your innovation program
  • Improvements in conventional hardware, specialized chips and circuits, and other technologies including neuromorphic architectures, memory-based analog acceleration, and optical computing.