Conferences and Speeches

American Conference Institute’s 2nd National Forum on Team Telecom

Monday, April 25, 2022

The American Conference Institute (ACI) serves as a resource for the legal sector, hosting conferences and briefings on the latest issues in business, life sciences, finance, technology, and more. The ACI’s second national forum on Team Telecom will address new developments, timelines, and concerns in the telecom license application process.

As Chair, partner David Plotinsky will open the conference on April 25 at 1 pm ET and offer closing comments at the end of the conference.


  • How is Team Telecom evaluating threats and securing the supply chain?
  • Evaluating risks assessments for sensitive data and identifying what needs to be disclosed from equipment to personal data
  • Examining cyber security, foreign ownership and control thresholds, and which parties have access to information
  • What is now expected for filing applications with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Examining the set of standardized national security and law enforcement questions for FCC applications
  • Breaking down the new Team Telecom structure, timelines, and scope of authority/jurisdiction
  • Examining compliance and enforcement for Team Telecom’s terms of agreement
  •  Review of third-party monitors in the post-deal oversight process


CLE credit: 3 credits available for online or in-person attendance