Navigating the Next: The State of US Telecom and Media Regulatory and Antitrust Issues

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

Please join practice leader Andy Lipman for a complimentary 2022 mid-year telecommunications, media, and technology (TMT) regulatory overview. Nearly a year and a half into the tenure of the Biden-Harris administration, Andy will explore the policy agenda of the White House, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), US Department of Justice (DOJ), Congress, and the courts and its impact on the ever-changing landscape of the TMT sector.

Topics will include:

  • Presidential, FCC, and congressional TMT sector agendas
  • Merger and industry consolidation policies in the TMT space
  • Broadband funding projects under the Infrastructure Bill and other federal programs
  • The future of network neutrality
  • Spectrum battles and new spectrum allocations
  • Economic recovery policy impacting the TMT sector
  • Broadband internet privacy/data security, state, and national privacy laws
  • Spectrum policy, including the C-band auction, future spectrum auctions, spectrum sharing, and future midband spectrum auctions
  • Universal service funding, Universal Service Fund (USF) contribution, and interconnection policies
  • Internet and net neutrality impact
  • Telco network unbundling
  • Infrastructure and broadband legislation
  • TV, radio, and cable media ownership limits and regulation
  • US and China foreign trade policy relating to TMT and related national security issues, including future TMT foreign ownership

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