Conferences and Speeches

MBA’s Human Resources Symposium 2022

Thursday, September 8, 2022 - Friday, September 9, 2022

Labor and employment partner Russell Bruch will be speaking at Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA’s) Human Resources Symposium 2022. This forum provides participants an opportunity to learn from industry experts and their peers as they discuss the latest in compensation and human resource trends and practices.

Russell will present in Legal Session One, “Work in the Current Economic and Mortgage Market Environment.”

Topics will include:

  • Remote and hybrid work considerations.
  • Mitigating legal risk during the post COVID-19-pandemic work transition.
  • Managing the business cycle and a mortgage market downturn.
  • State salary disclosure laws.

Russell will also present in Legal Session Two, “Fair Labor Standards Act Update.”

Topics will include:

  • What’s new at the US Department of Labor?
  • Available exemptions and their requirements.
  • Tracking and accounting for compensable time.
  • Calculating overtime pay for loan officers and other mortgage employees.
  • Treatment of part-time workers.
  • Independent contractor rulemaking.