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Advanced Trade Secrets 2022: New Risks, New Challenges, New Ideas

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Intellectual property partner Seth Gerber will participate in a panel titled “Your Trade Secret May Be at Risk: What Should You Do in the Early Stages of a Trade Secret Dispute” at the Practising Law Institute (PLI) program, “Advanced Trade Secrets 2022: New Risks, New Challenges, New Ideas.”

Trade secret disputes often start with a demand for action and a shortage of information on both sides. How can lawyers help manage the learning process? This panel will cover the following topics:

  • Is there a problem? What is it, and how can you investigate? 
  • What should you do before commencing suit?
  • Using digital forensics on both sides to detect and reduce risk
  • Something went wrong: Fixing mistakes on both sides of the dispute
  • Evaluating risks and establishing goals