RPA & Cognitive Congress: Automation and Holistic Digital Strategy

January 17, 2018 {ml-event-to} January 18, 2018

Ed Hansen, corporate and business transactions partner at Morgan Lewis, will be running the three-part “The Power of Collaboration” series at the RPA & Cognitive Congress in Dallas.

This trio of audience-driven, live-content creation sessions integrated into the main two-day agenda is designed to ensure attendees leave with their robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics questions answered.

The Power of Collaboration: Briefing

In this brainstorming session at the end of Day 1, the audience will have a chance to put forward the questions that they want answered at the conference. On Day 2, our partners, vendors, and consultants will have a chance to answer these specific questions in a roundtable session. Ed will explain that process in this briefing.

The Power of Collaboration: Your Challenges

With the first day's lessons and cautionary tales swimming around in everyone's minds, attendees will work together in groups to rank the most prevalent challenges of an RPA implementation. Representatives from each table will communicate their choices to Ed, who will act as moderator and ensure that everyone has at least one question answered by the conference partners the following day. Session 2 will end with everyone collaborating and reflecting on the main points of the day.

The Power of Collaboration: Our Solutions

02:30 - 03:00 PM: Roundtables
Conference solution provider partners will work with attendees in groups to solve the challenges that were prioritized in Session 2.

03:00 - 03:30 PM: Q&A Panel
Attendees will have a chance to fire individual questions at the solution providers in a panel format. Ed will foster a competitive atmosphere and make sure the toughest questions get asked first!