Key Issues Facing the EV Industry in 2023

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12:30 午後 - 01:30 午後 Eastern Standard Time
11:30 午前 - 12:30 午後 Central Standard Time
09:30 午前 - 10:30 午前 Pacific Standard Time

Please join us for the next installment of the Morgan Lewis Automotive Hour Webinar series, focused on Key Issues Facing the EV Industry in 2023.

In this Automotive Hour, partners Levi McAllister and Justin Cupples will discuss current issues facing the electric vehicle (EV) space. 


  • Commercially successful siting of EV charging infrastructure
  • Battery and EV component supply sourcing and recycling
  • EV infrastructure and interconnected utility data protection and cybersecurity
  • Public funding opportunities for EV infrastructure or component manufacturing, development, and installation
  • Vehicle-to-grid market access, monetization, and regulatory implications
  • EV tax credit eligibility and access

Morgan Lewis Automotive Hour is a series of automotive and mobility industry–focused webinars led by members of the Morgan Lewis global automotive team. The 2023 program is designed to provide a comprehensive overview on a variety of topics related to clients in the automotive and mobility industry. View past and upcoming presentations here >>