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Why Should Businesses Care About Affirmative Action? Corporate Initiatives Could Be Next, The Business Journals


Partners Larry Turner and Ami Wynne were quoted in an article from The Business Journals about the potential impact to corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion programs should the US Supreme Court prohibit the use of affirmative action for college admissions. The US Supreme Court on October 31 debated the legality of race-conscious admission programs used by Harvard University and the University of North Carolina.

Larry, who co-leads the firm’s workplace culture consulting practice, said employers across industries “should be prepared to assess their existing DEI programs and practices, as well as any race-conscious charitable initiatives, for risk if the court moves away from current interpretation of civil rights laws.”

Ami, co-leader of the firm’s education industry, said that it will be important for leaders to consider their approach and messaging around diversity issues to their employees. “Our hope is that there's still some room for optimism and commitment to diversity after these cases are decided and that people will not feel like it's a topic that should be off limits,” Ami said.

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