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4 Things To Know About SEC Climate Reporting Compliance, Law360


Partners Erin Martin and Celia Soehner are quoted in a Law360 article about compliance challenges related to the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) climate disclosure rule. Erin discussed the potential impact to companies that also have to comply with climate-related disclosure regulations in California and the European Union.

"For large, multinational corporations, it’s still going to be very challenging for them to have to think about how this fits into what is now an incredible multitude of regulations," Erin said.

Celia talked about remarks from SEC staff at the meeting to adopt the final regulation that the agency is not expressly preempting state law with its new rules.

"But they did acknowledge that whether or not there was an implied preemption would ultimately be a decision that a court of law would need to make based on the specific facts and circumstances of whatever proceeding is in front of it that is alleging implied preemption," Celia said.

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