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Pointers For Women IP Attorneys Building Fed. Circ. Practices, Law360

November 14, 2022

Partner Julie Goldemberg wrote an article for Law360, covering how she built a Federal Circuit practice while growing a family. Julie, co-leader of the firm’s Federal Circuit practice and education industry team, suggested that women seeking a similar career path should choose a law firm where they can ask for and say yes to opportunities.

“Many of my successes came from the moments in which I was forced to stretch beyond my comfort zone. Sometimes I am offered great opportunities when my work plate is already overflowing or I feel stretched too thin, and my knee-jerk reaction is to say no,” Julie said.

“But in my experience, there is always a way to fit an exciting opportunity in. And instead of leaving me feeling burnt out, that type of work actually leaves me more energized about my career and fulfilled.”

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