Press Release

New England Patriots Charitable Foundation Teams Up with Morgan Lewis to Offer an "All-Pro Bono" Partnership Program

March 31, 2014

FOXBOROUGH, Mass – In November 2013, the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation (NEPCF) and global law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP announced the creation of a new pro bono alliance. Through this alliance, NEPCF will use its community outreach, which includes thousands of nonprofit organizations in New England, to identify worthy causes and potential clients that require legal services but lack sufficient resources to pay for legal counsel. If these causes and organizations meet NEPCF’s and Morgan Lewis’ eligibility requirements and Morgan Lewis is able to assist these potential clients with their particular needs, Morgan Lewis will provide the needed legal services without charge, i.e. on a pro bono basis.

“The Kraft family has long supported initiatives designed to provide greater access to those in need of better healthcare and higher education,” said Josh Kraft, president of the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation. “Access is a great equalizer. This alliance with Morgan Lewis will give us an opportunity to now provide access to those in need of first-class legal service, too. We will use our relationships with nonprofit organizations throughout New England to seek potential candidates who can use these legal services to continue to make a difference and better their communities.”

For the past two decades, the NEPCF has provided aid to youth and families throughout New England by assisting programs that foster cultural diversity, education and health initiatives. The Foundation has taken special interest in youth programs that encourage creativity and development of character. Since its inception, the Foundation has provided support to thousands of area nonprofits and charities.

For more than a century, Morgan Lewis attorneys have committed their time and resources to serving the public good. The firm has a diverse and innovative pro bono practice and devotes substantial resources to community services and charitable activities. In fiscal year 2013, Morgan Lewis lawyers contributed over 71,000 hours to pro bono representations, at a value to its pro bono clients of tens of millions of dollars and equaling an average of well over 50 hours per lawyer. These representations span all practice groups and Morgan Lewis offices worldwide.

“We look forward to working alongside the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation to provide invaluable pro bono legal services to support its selfless charitable and philanthropic efforts,” said Francis M. Milone, chair of Morgan Lewis. “We have deep admiration for the NEPCF for its tireless endeavors to support critical programs that aid individuals and families in the New England community.”

Nonprofit organizations and community volunteers who are in need of legal representation, but are unable to afford it, are the ideal candidates for the alliance’s services and are encouraged to apply. The NEPCF will collect submissions from New England charitable and nonprofit service organizations for pro bono representation. After review, those earning the highest consideration, or “all-pro” status, will be referred for consideration to receive “All-Pro Bono” service from Morgan Lewis. Since announcing the partnership in November of 2013, Morgan Lewis has already successfully provided representation to several nonprofit organizations and other qualified individuals. 

For examples of pro bono assignments that Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP may undertake in connection with referrals from the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation and examples of representations already undertaken by Morgan, Lewis & Bockius following referrals from NEPCF, please go to