Press Release

Morgan Lewis Hosts Fortune, US State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership Delegate

May 05, 2015

PHILADELPHIA, May 5, 2015: Morgan Lewis is pleased to host emerging-leader mentee Marjorie Chorro de Trigueros of the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic & Social Development during the annual Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership program facilitated by the US State Department and Fortune in coordination with the Vital Voices Global Partnership.

The celebrated public-private partnership, now in its 10th year, connects international women leaders, like Ms. Chorro de Trigueros, with Fortune’s Most Powerful Women across business, government and academia to encourage the next generation of women to bring positive change to their companies and communities. Mentees, in turn, share best practices and organizational and management skills.

Ms. Chorro de Trigueros will spend two weeks in the firm’s Philadelphia office shadowing Firm Chair Jami McKeon, one of only 22 US representatives chosen by Fortune to participate in the 2015 initiative. During the program, Ms. Chorro de Trigueros will also meet with key members of management and the partnership from many different offices to discuss topics ranging from the creation of successful leaders through mentorship to the current investment climate.

“We are so thrilled to have been selected as the only company in Philadelphia to engage in this inspiring initiative,” said Ms. McKeon. “We hope to provide Marjorie with solid experience and access to networks that may lead to future opportunities in her home country as well as gain knowledge about Marjorie’s business culture and industry through this invaluable two-way exchange of ideas and perspectives.”

The program officially kicked off Wednesday, April 29, with a dinner at the State Department featuring remarks from Secretary John Kerry. Mentees participated in an orientation and series of workshops in Washington, DC before pairing up with their designated mentors across the country. The program will conclude in New York City with a debriefing before delegates return to their home countries.