Press Release

Morgan Lewis Represents Range Resources in Resolution of Environmental Dispute Involving Groundwater Contamination Claims

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board finds no connection between Range’s natural gas drilling and completion operations and alleged water contamination.

PITTSBURGH, JUNE 18, 2015- In a precedent-setting matter, Morgan Lewis represented Range Resources-Appalachia LLC, securing dismissal of an appeal attempting to hold the natural gas producer responsible for the alleged contamination of a water well.

The complaint was first heard by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), which determined after a robust investigation that there was no connection between the alleged contamination and natural gas drilling operations, including hydraulic fracturing, occurring nearby. In an administrative appeal, the state's Environmental Hearing Board (EHB) held a 20-day, de novo trial during which Range Resources presented evidence proving the determination of the DEP was correct and that there was no hydrogeologic connection between the allegedly contaminated water supply and the drilling site.

Morgan Lewis Partners Kenneth Komoroski and John Gisleson represented Range Resources in the matter, the first of its kind before the EHB.