Press Release

Morgan Lewis Earns Top Marks in Chambers Global 2016 Guide

Thursday, March 31, 2016

LONDON, March 31, 2016: Morgan Lewis has been ranked in 43 practice categories in the Chambers Global 2016 guide, with more than 110 of the firm’s lawyers recognized throughout its chapters. The results come just one month after the firm earned top marks in the Chambers Asia-Pacific 2016 edition.

Morgan Lewis dominated the pages of this year’s Chambers Global, with 22 Band 1 rankings, including several in globalwide categories; across the Latin America and Middle East regional chapters; and throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Russia, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, and Japan sections. The firm was also ranked for the first time in the guide’s competitive UAE Banking & Finance category.

Chambers & Partners’ annual listing ranks only the world’s leading lawyers and law firms by region and country based on comprehensive client and peer feedback specific to technical legal ability, professional conduct, client service, commercial astuteness, diligence, and commitment.

Morgan Lewis’s Chambers Global 2016 Rankings:

Practice Rankings


  • Capital Markets: Structured Finance, Securitization & Derivatives
  • Commercial Contracts;
  • Employment;
  • Immigration


  • Corporate & Finance
  • Corporate & Finance (Desk Based Abroad);
  • Energy & Natural Resources;

Latin America-wide

  • Banking & Finance
  • Corporate/M&A

Middle East-wide

  • Investment Funds;;
  • Islamic Finance


  • Banking & Finance
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate/M&A
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Energy & Natural Resources: Mining


  • Banking & Finance: Domestic
  • Capital Markets: Domestic
  • Corporate/M&A: Domestic;;
  • Dispute Resolution: Arbitration;;
  • Dispute Resolution: Litigation;;
  • Projects & Energy: Domestic;


  • Banking & Finance


  • Banking & Finance
  • Capital Markets: Securitization
  • Corporate Crime & Investigations;;
  • Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation)
  • Energy: Electricity (Transactional)
  • Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)
  • Energy: Oil & Gas (Regulatory & Litigation)
  • Energy: Oil & Gas (Transactional)
  • Immigration: Business
  • Investment Funds: Hedge Funds
  • Investment Funds: Private Equity: Fund Formation
  • Labor & Employment
  • Outsourcing
  • Projects: Renewables & Alternative Energy
  • Tax: Corporate & Finance

Individual Rankings

  • Gary Adler, Japan, Competition/Antitrust (Expert Based Abroad)
  • John Arnholz, USA, Capital Markets
  • David Asmus, USA, Energy & Natural Resources (Star Individual); USA, Projects
  • Reed Auerbach, USA, Capital Markets
  • Michael Banks, USA, Labor & Employment
  • Oleg Berger, Russia, Corporate/M&A; Russia, Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert for USA)
  • Glen Bernstein, USA, Energy & Natural Resources
  • Tess Blair, USA, Litigation
  • Harlyn Bohensky, USA, Capital Markets (Up and Coming)
  • Brian Bradshaw, Latin America-wide, Energy & Natural Resources; Latin America-wide, Projects; USA, Projects
  • Carter Brod, UK, Capital Markets (Foreign Expert for USA); Russia, Capital Markets (Foreign Expert Based in UK); USA, Capital Markets: Debt & Equity (Foreign Expert Based in UK)
  • Daniel Budofsky, USA, Capital Markets
  • Timothy Cooke, Singapore, Dispute Resolution (Recognized Practitioner)
  • R. Alec Dawson, USA, Corporate/M&A; USA, Private Equity
  • Bradley Edmister, Japan, Capital Markets (Expert Based Abroad)
  • Frederick Eisenbiegler, USA, Banking & Finance
  • Tarek El-Assra, UAE, Banking & Finance
  • F. Scott Farmer, USA, Tax
  • Steven Frantz, USA, Energy & Natural Resources
  • Kirstin Gibbs, USA, Energy & Natural Resources
  • Thomas Giblin, Jr., USA, Energy & Natural Resources
  • Richard Goldman, USA, Investment Funds
  • Edward Hansen, USA, Outsourcing
  • Jonathan Hines, Russia, Energy & Natural Resources; Russia, Energy & Natural Resources: Mining; Russia, Energy & Natural Resources (Foreign Expert for Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan); Russia, Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert for Kazakhstan); Turkmenistan, General Business Law (Foreign Expert Based in Russia); Kazakhstan, Energy & Natural Resources (Expert Based in Russia)
  • Jeffrey Johnson, USA, Capital Markets
  • Bruce Johnston, Russia, Banking & Finance (Expert Based Abroad); UK, Banking & Finance (Foreign Expert for Russia); UK, Restructuring/Insolvency (Foreign Expert for Russia)
  • Matthew Joseph, USA, Capital Markets
  • Rebecca Kelly, UAE, Corporate Investigations
  • Ayman Khaleq, UAE, Banking & Finance: Islamic Finance; UAE, Capital Markets: Debt; UAE, Capital Finance (Foreign Expert for Bahrain); Middle East-wide, Investment Funds; Middle East-wide, Islamic Finance
  • James Knight, UAE, Corporate/M&A
  • Konstantin Kochetkov, Russia, Banking & Finance (Up and Coming)
  • Suet-Fern Lee, Singapore, Corporate/M&A
  • Steve Levitan, USA, Capital Markets
  • Bernard Lui, Singapore, Capital Markets
  • Alexander Marchenko, Russia, Energy & Natural Resources; Turkmenistan, General Business Law (Expert Based Abroad); Russia, Energy & Natural Resources (Foreign Expert for Turkmenistan); Russia, Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert for Turkmenistan)
  • Grigory Marinichev, Russia, Banking & Finance
  • John Matthews, USA, Energy & Natural Resources
  • Timothy Matthews, USA, Energy & Natural Resources
  • John McGrane, USA, Energy & Natural Resources
  • Bill McKee, USA, Tax
  • Barbara Melby, USA, Outsourcing
  • Thomas Mellor, Latin America-wide, Banking & Finance; USA, Banking & Finance; Banking & Finance, Latin America-wide Foreign Expert
  • Frances Murphy, UK, Competition/European Law
  • William Nelson, USA, Tax
  • Joo Khin Ng, Singapore, Capital Markets
  • Floyd Norton IV, USA, Energy & Natural Resources
  • Klara Nurgaziyeva, Kazakhstan, Corporate & Finance; Kazakhstan, Energy & Natural Resources (Recognized Practitioner); Kazakhstan, Corporate/M&A
  • Humberto Padilla Gonzalez, Latin America-wide, Corporate/M&A (Up and Coming)
  • Nancy Patterson, USA, Labor & Employment
  • Eleanor Pelta, USA, Immigration
  • Michael Pillion, USA, Outsourcing
  • Alex Polonsky, USA, Energy & Natural Resources
  • Marc Reardon, USA, Projects
  • Michael Reilly, USA, Bankruptcy/Restructuring
  • Georgette Schaefer, USA, Investment Funds
  • Omar Shah, UK, Competition/European Law (Up and Coming)
  • Richard Shortz, USA, Projects
  • Aset Shyngyssov, Kazakhstan, Corporate/M&A; Kazakhstan, Corporate & Finance; Kazakhstan, Energy & Natural Resources
  • Donald Silverman, USA, Energy & Natural Resources
  • Izzet Sinan, Belgium, Competition/European Law
  • Louis Singer, USA, Investment Funds
  • Edwin Smith, USA, Banking & Finance
  • Wayne Song, USA, Projects; USA, Projects: Renewables & Alternative Energy
  • Marshall Stoddard, USA, Banking & Finance
  • Vasilisa Strizh, Russia, Corporate/M&A
  • Kathryn Sutton, USA, Energy & Natural Resources
  • Wendy Tan, Singapore, Shipping
  • James Tynion III, USA, Projects
  • A. James Vázquez-Azpiri, USA, Immigration
  • Steven Wall, USA, Labor & Employment
  • Jedd Wider, USA, Investment Funds
  • Mark Williams, USA, Energy & Natural Resources
  • Wai Ming Yap, Singapore, Corporate/M&A; Asia-Pacific Region, Gaming & Gambling; Macau, General Business Law (Expert Based Abroad)
  • Lian Seng Yap, Singapore, Corporate/M&A
  • Brian Zimbler, Russia, Corporate/M&A; UK, Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert Based in Russia); USA, Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert Based in Russia); Russia, Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert for Kazakhstan, UK, USA); Russia, Energy & Natural Resources (Foreign Expert for Kazakhstan)

*Morgan Lewis Stamford LLC is a Singapore law corporation affiliated with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP.