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The Fight for Tech Privacy in 2020, Bloomberg

January 02, 2020

Morgan Lewis partner Reece Hirsch discussed the California Consumer Privacy Act in a Bloomberg video segment on the law. “We’ve never seen a law this comprehensive regulating privacy in the US,” he noted.

“California has always been a trendsetter in privacy legislation,” Reece said, acknowledging that other states are seemingly taking their cues from the CCPA and considering bills of their own. “Right now the chances of federal privacy legislation appear to be stalled,” Reece stated. “But if you have states around the country adopting new laws that either are similar to the CCPA or take the CCPA a step or two further, you can have an enormously complex regulatory landscape for businesses in very short order, and I think if you reach that pain threshold where businesses are finding it very difficult to reconcile all these conflicting requirements, that could finally be the impetus for federal legislation,” he added.

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