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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: Emily Davies

February 26, 2020
Emily Davies in Dubai

A culture of collaboration is more than a tagline for us. It’s weaved into the very fabric of the firm. So much so, that every year, trainees from our London office travel to another one of our international offices to get a better sense of the local customs clients embrace in those regions, how the firm is able to operate on a global scale, and the importance of networking with our people in those locations. Here Emily Davies shares what those experiences meant to her.

What attracted you to Morgan Lewis?

I was initially attracted to Morgan Lewis due to the international nature of its practice, as well as the opportunity to complete a secondment abroad. I also wanted to join a firm that had a smaller trainee intake, I felt that being one of only four trainees would allow me greater responsibility early on and provide me with opportunities to better immerse myself in the matters I was working on.  

What stood out to you about the Dubai office?

As I was the only trainee in the Dubai office I had a fantastic opportunity to work across practice groups and teams, helping out wherever I was most needed.

How did the secondment give you a better view of the way the firm operated?

It was great to work in a country with such a different culture to that of the UK. I was able to better understand how Morgan Lewis and its lawyers operate and adapt to suit the culture and customs of the clients and country where they are based. I also gained a greater understanding of the firm’s approach to cross-border work, as many matters I worked on required collaboration with teams from other international offices. 

What was your favorite memory of your time in Dubai?

I spent a weekend in Oman alongside a number of trainees who were also on secondment to Dubai from other London law firms. We camped on an island just off the coast of Oman (along with the local goats) and spent the day on a traditional dhow boat travelling through the Musandam fjords, snorkeling and watching the dolphins.

What advice would you give others who are considering the secondment program?

To go for it! Being able to work in a jurisdiction and culture so different from the one you are used to is a fantastic experience. It has provided me with a better understanding of the truly international nature of the firm, as most matters I worked on in Dubai required us to work with or provide advice to clients and offices in other jurisdictions. I met so many new people from other international firms, was able to build my internal network of colleagues, and was also able to experience so much of what Dubai and the Middle East have to offer outside work.