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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: George Taylor

February 26, 2020
George Talyor in Dubai

A culture of collaboration is more than a tagline for us. It’s weaved into the very fabric of the firm. So much so, that every year, trainees from our London office travel to another one of our international offices to get a better sense of the local customs clients embrace in those regions, how the firm is able to operate on a global scale, and the importance of networking with our people in those locations. Here George Taylor shares what those experiences meant to him.

What attracted you to Morgan Lewis?

From the beginning, I wanted to be a part of a global but ambitious firm. Morgan Lewis was very open about its plans to expand practice groups and its global presence. The London office has a strong track record of large, cross-border deals and cases, which clearly portrayed the firm’s respected brand in London. And since the firm only takes on a few trainees that meant I would be given high-quality work from the get-go.

How did the secondment give you a better view of the way the firm operated?

The secondment gives you more perspective of the scale of the firm. It’s easy to be fixated on your practice and office when you have not traveled to see how the firm operates elsewhere. The Dubai office specifically works with most of the other Morgan Lewis offices around the world to provide integral, otherwise inaccessible, information about the region.

Do you keep in contact with the people you worked with in Dubai?

I regularly keep in contact with some of the partners and associates I worked with in Dubai, and have traveled back to the Dubai office to work for a week after finishing my secondment.

What was your favorite memory of your time in Dubai?

When my family came to visit and we went camel riding and “sand boarding” in the desert – only in the UAE!

What advice would you give others who are considering the secondment program?

I would highly recommend doing so. The firm is extremely accommodating, which leaves you with nothing to worry about. You will experience working in a different jurisdiction, with different laws and local practices, which can differentiate you from colleagues on future cross-border transactions involving said region. On top of that, you will meet lots of new people (some contacts, some friends) and have a great time.