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Want Your Firm’s Litigation Teams to Be More Diverse? These Big Law Partners Say Embrace Sponsorship, The Am Law Litigation Daily

September 24, 2020

Partner Robin Nunn was featured in an Am Law Litigation Daily column on diversifying litigation teams. In the article, Robin emphasized the critical importance of building a pipeline of diverse talent as early as high school and law firm leaders to set the “tone at the top” to ensure the success of diversity programs. “We really need to be educating diverse students that a career at a law firm is a viable option,” said Robin, pointing to Morgan Lewis’s Georgetown Law program, whichencourages diverse applicants to consider a career inlaw and a future atthe firm.

She also highlighted the firm’s  sponsorship program for ethnically diverse associates. “I really think that firms need to invest in sponsorship to ensure that lawyers of color have more than just guidance but an advocate,” she said, noting that her biggest sponsors haven’t “looked like me.”

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