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PODCAST: Real or Not Real? Attorney Steven Frank Uses Deep Learning to Authenticate Art, The AI Podcast

December 01, 2021

Partner Steven Frank joined NVIDIA’s The AI Podcast to discuss working with his wife, Andrea Frank, a professional curator of art images, to authenticate artistic masterpieces with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). He told the podcast that convolutional neural networks (CNNs), a deep learning algorithm, can be used “to recognize and classify many different things,” including paintings. “There are many interesting unresolved controversies in the art world stretching back centuries that really seem like they could be addressed by newer forms of CNNs and the newer architectures being developed,” Steven said, adding that the pair’s initial focus was on identifying Rembrandt paintings. Because art experts can disagree about authenticity while AI is always objective, Steven explained that AI “might be able to contribute to the conversation and provide a different perspective that can help point to who might have the better analysis.”

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