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DOJ Recovers Over $5B in Healthcare Fraud Settlements, Judgments in 2021, Fierce Healthcare

February 02, 2022

Of the $5.6 billion in civil fraud and false claims that was recovered by the Department of Justice (DOJ) last year, more than $5 billion came from cases related to the healthcare industry. Partner Kathleen McDermott tells Fierce Healthcare that this disparity in recoveries between the healthcare sector and all other industries illustrates the DOJ’s focus on healthcare matters. “Overall, this report reasonably projects that [False Claims Act] investigations and recoveries will continue at an aggressive pace over the next few years,” she said.

With the DOJ also reporting an increased number of whistleblower cases in 2021, Katie notes that “there is no information on what industry sectors may see an increase in [qui tam] investigations but healthcare is a good bet.”

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