Press Release

Morgan Lewis Report Helps Clients Navigate Changing Arbitration Rules in Asia

March 23, 2018

SINGAPORE, March 23, 2018: Morgan Lewis has released the second edition of the Guide to Arbitration in Asia, which serves as both a broad overview of arbitration rules throughout Asia and highlights specific changes enacted in a number of jurisdictions during the past two years.

This Guide assists parties seeking to make that decision in connection with the resolution of disputes with reference to arbitration in 14 countries across Asia. It also identifies the main arbitration institutions in Asia and the model clauses recommended by each of these institutions that may be adopted by parties seeking to resolve their disputes by arbitration in that country.

“The popularity of international arbitration as a preferred dispute resolution mechanism in Asia, reflecting ongoing engagement in cross-border investment across and from outside the region, has resulted in the continued development and refinement of national arbitral rules and laws across many of these jurisdictions,” said Morgan Lewis partner Stephen Cheong. “This second edition of our Guide to International Arbitration in Asia covers the key elements of the arbitration frameworks in 14 key jurisdictions which have continued to attract significant investment activity. The Guide addresses commonly asked questions which global businesses should consider in connection with international arbitration proceedings in these jurisdictions and enforcement of arbitral awards across Asia.”

The Morgan Lewis international arbitration team combines dispute resolution strategy and creative legal analysis with insights into intercultural and arbitration dynamics to effectively counsel clients on international arbitration and cross-border disputes. Our highly regarded arbitration lawyers handle significant disputes in the Americas, Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Morgan Lewis has one of the strongest global arbitration practices with arbitration counsel across its 30 offices worldwide and more than 20 arbitration lawyers in Asia. Morgan Lewis Stamford LLC is a Singapore law corporation affiliated with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP.