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We are Morgan Lewis

Here the people of Morgan Lewis share their stories, reflect on their histories, and embody the firm’s commitment to inclusion, innovation, collaboration, engagement, and well-being. While we celebrate what makes us unique, there is one thing that unites us all: We Are Morgan Lewis.

Emily Ahdieh

Many law students don’t have a clear idea of what a law firm culture will really feel like until they choose a summer associate program. But for Emily Ahdieh, it was, in part, the very culture of Morgan Lewis that helped her become a lawyer.

Emily Ahdieh Career Timeline
Emily Ahdieh Career Timeline

In honor of Women’s History Month, Noelani Walser, Nancy Yamaguchi, and Sharon Masling share stories of how innovations borne from the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way we operate for the better.

Noelani Walser

Senior Director of Associate Talent Noelani Walser shares how Morgan Lewis swiftly scaled up a successful remote working pilot program to accommodate 4,000 people working from home.

Nancy Yamaguchi

Nancy Yamaguchi discusses how Morgan Lewis drew on its culture of innovation to explore the potential of blockchain technology for secure communication with clients working remotely in Japan and around the world.

Sharon Masling

Director of Workplace Culture Consulting & Training Sharon Masling shares how the labor and employment team adapted its strategies for creating safe and respectful workplaces to address the COVID-19 crisis for employers.

When Morgan Lewis formed its Mobilizing for Equality Task Force, it was a natural way for associate James Nortey to bring his community activism to the firm. As a leader of the Community Engagement & Volunteerism working group on the task force, James shares the knowledge he’s gained over the last decade, detailing ways to be an ally in the fight for racial justice. Here, James shares how the events of the last year have intensified his work for equity.

James Nortey

For the sixth consecutive year, the Fortune–US Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership selected Morgan Lewis and Firm Chair Jami McKeon to mentor an emerging female leader. Ordinarily, the participants would visit our East Coast offices and meet with a number of firm leaders over the course of about a week. But having an all-virtual program this year meant there was time for a much more in-depth connection with Guatemalan lawyer Gabriela Roca.

Gaby Roca

In honor of Blood Cancer Awareness month, Daniel shares how his tailored “life plan” was flipped on its head and how he has embraced the unpredictable.

Daniel Ball - Beating Blood Cancer

Joan’s mother’s family is photographed in front of their pagoda-modeled home in Mountain View.

As we remember the 75th anniversary of Japan’s surrender during WWII (announced on August 15 and formally signed on September 2, 1945), Joan reflects on her family’s history and how that spurred a career of fighting for equality and diversity in the legal profession.

For many of our associates who are accustomed to sitting in conference rooms with their teams or discussing strategy over lunch, working remotely for an extended period of time can be challenging. To help our associates (and really all of us) stay engaged, our talent and coaching team is sharing a few strategies for building relationships, developing skills, and maintaining wellness in the remote environment.

Hirt, Carrion, and Walser

Morgan Lewis wrapped up its 11th annual Community Impact Week, dedicated to pro bono and community service in a time of crisis. While the firm comes together every June to support the unmet needs of our most vulnerable communities, for some individuals that commitment is an integral part of who they are. Here we share stories of how our people are increasing access to education and helping children to thrive as just one of the many groups who are in need of assistance now more than ever.

Ayman Khaleq
Rachel Lewis
Monica Parry
Carlotta Roos
Michael Schlemmer
Allison Soilihi

In a candid Q&A, Grace Speights shares how she was able to beat the odds of her South Philly neighborhood because people were willing to fight for her. First, her mother, who taught her the power of hard work, and then her mentors, who were willing to risk their reputations to see her succeed. Grace is leading the firm’s support in the fight for racial justice, and shares that now is the time to have “courageous conversations” about how to do things better.

Grace E. Speights

All around Morgan Lewis, our people are helping people. They are sharing kindness and laughter. They are raising spirits and money for those in need. They are reminding us of what’s right in the world, when so much seems wrong. Here are just a few of those stories.

A culture of collaboration is more than a tagline for us. It’s weaved into the very fabric of the firm. So much so, that every year, trainees from our London office travel to another one of our international offices to get a better sense of the local customs clients embrace in those regions, how the firm is able to operate on a global scale, and the importance of networking with our people in those locations. Here Benjamin DaviesEmily DaviesGabrielle Martin, and George Taylor share what those experiences meant to them.

As 2020 draws to a close, join us in aspiring to a new year filled with harmony, understanding, kindness, and appreciation for everyone, everywhere.

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