IP Seminar, presented at the University Consortium for International Intellectual Property Coordination (UCIP), Tokyo

January 20, 2011

Intellectual Property Practice Group partners Robert Busby, Jack Matney, Robert Smyth, and Satoru Matsuo were invited to speak at a series of IP lectures at the University Consortium for International Intellectual Property Coordination (UCIP) in Tokyo on January 20, 2011.  More than 120 people, including members of the chemical, biotechnology and electrical sectors attended the program, along with member of academia and the Japanese Patent Bar Association.  

The topics presented were:

1. The Supreme Court's 2007 ruling in the KSR case:  The 2010 USPTO's New KSR Guidelines for Determining "Obviousness;"  
2. KSR effect:  Patent allowance rates at the USPTO after the KSR case and allowance strategies and what has been the effect on KSR at the courts?;  
3. Patent Reexamination Procedures and Strategies after the KSR case; 
4. The Supreme Court's ruling in the In re Bilski case:  What does it mean for patent practitioners now?
5. The hot U.S. IP cases to watch in 2011:  three U.S. Supreme Court cases and legislation for 2011.
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