Order No. 1000: Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation

August 18, 2011

On August 18, 2011, Morgan Lewis partners John McGrane, Floyd L. Norton, IV, and Steve Spina discussed FERC's Final Rule on Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation in a Morgan Lewis webinar. Issued July 21, this rulemaking will have major implications for the energy industry and implementation will require filings with the Commission. The webinar reviewed the major changes required by this final rule and the steps companies will need to take to comply with it.

The panelists discussed issues relating to FERC's final rule, including:

  • Greater regional coordination in transmission planning
  • Consideration of public policy requirements in transmission planning processes
  • Removal of obstacles to nonincumbent transmission provider participation in transmission planning processes
  • Increased interregional coordination in transmission planning through interregional planning agreements
  • Cost allocation of new transmission projects on an intra- and interregional basis and potential jurisdiction issues