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Changes To California Prop 65 May Affect Texas Businesses, Law360

April 2015

If you’ve been to California recently, you likely returned with a heightened awareness of the dangers present in the products you consume and use on a daily basis. That is because in California, Proposition 65 requires businesses to notify California citizens about significant amounts of chemicals in the products they purchase. Manufacturers and retailers of products including food, beverages, and cosmetics have found themselves victims of Proposition 65 lawsuits. The proposed amendments to Proposition 65, issued January 12, 2015, may impose additional warning requirements for companies who do business in California, or whose products are sold there. Detailed warnings may also be required for a growing number of companies based in Texas, including those in the business of petroleum products, service stations and vehicle repair facilities, diesel engines, and alcoholic beverages, if their products make it into California. Keeping apprised of the proposed changes could save companies from larger problems down the road.

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